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Thank you so much for taking some time to look through the NationalSportsMAP.com gallery of photos from sports events, tournaments and races from across the United States. Whether it’s a local tennis tournament, a major international sports competition, fun run (5K/10K) or Ironman, we’ll assist you in the scheduling and management of sports medicine team members.

USTA / SCTA Tennis On Campus

The US Tennis Association / Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) held a phenomenal event for college intramural athletes at Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego, Ca. The Tennis On Campus tournament, which included 18 – 25 year old participants including but not limited to Univ. of San Diego and USC, was an opportunity to engage, work on and educate over 200+ athletes and spectators alike with our sports medicine and sports massage on-site. Always remember, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” – Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman

2012 International Tennis Federation Sr. World Championships

The tennis action was incredible at the 2012 International Tennis Federation Senior World Championships. The players played through a lot of heart ache, body ache and pain — and the practitioners worked day and night to ensure all of the participants recovered well enough to go home!

A huge thank you to Lynn “Beauty Ranger” for saving an athlete’s life on one of the flukiest days in the history of scheduling practitioners! We had 78 days worth of practitioners scheduled in a mere 31 days and my did we have a great time at work over the 14 day tennis tournament – covering 7 different sites.

100M Bike Ride

This race day embodied teamwork. From the race massage provided for athlete recovery or the athletes taking their turns on the rigorous course, we loved being in the middle of the action, providing 186 sessions all day. Lockheed Martin, Audi and Einstein’s bagels, among other sponsors, stood out. The TDC set their event up with paid practitioners throughout the site to ensure the athletes had the exact services they needed. It was a great time!

Gaelic Football Tournament

This tournament is by far one of the friendliest there are. Obviously if you’re going into an Irish Festival with hurling, Gaelic football and tons of beer, you should be prepared for a mass of people, spectators alike to explore uninhibited. Our clients have no norm here, whether athlete’s part of the tournament, spectators and even vendors — all have come down (or asked us up!) to get in line for our sports massage team. If you’re ever at the Irish Festival, make sure to check out the competitive tournaments on the lower fields (just make sure to finish your adult beverage inside!).

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Wash Park Turkey Trot

It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day at the Turkey Trot. With so many families, kids and dogs participating in the race, it made for a great event to take in the sights and sounds. Some of the content here is extended, but the taping was all in fun. No photos from this event were of the sports massage site.

Turkey Trot post-race

NCAA Rugby Championship – Dick Sporting Goods Park – Denver, Colorado

It was a tough fought weekend for both the Men’s and Women’s’ rugby club from New York. We had a long weekend with the team, providing sports medicine, sports massage and acupuncture sessions in between game days. At the end of the day, while the teams did not win the championships they so desperately desired they did end up playing in the the final rounds and scoring a great consolation trophy for Women’s 2nd place finish and Men’s medaled for 3rd!

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Australian Rules Football League Tryouts – Los Angeles, California

When the Australian Football League comes to America, they love heading to sunny California, altitude high Boulder, and Florida for the great humidity and amazing field space. This tryout was for recent or upcoming NCAA graduates who had been playing basketball. Check out this article on Mason Cox, recruited out of Oklahoma State University’s women’s basketball scout opposition team to the men’s squad his senior season in NCAA and now he is growing inside a new game. I remember one the scout’s saying about Cox,”you just don’t hear any footsteps. He has a great natural gate.” And look at what a great natural gate from youth soccer to a different pro sport can do. check this out