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  • “If You Have to Get Cancer…”
    At the age of 17, Dr. Rebekah Fenton’s sister, Elisabeth Lucien, was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. It rocked her family’s world. When Elisabeth relapsed and faced a second bone marrow transplant, Fenton, now a third-year resident at Seattle Children’s, gave her sister more than just emotional support. Below, Fenton shares… Read more »
  • Teen With Melanoma Gets Back to Doing What She Loves
    During seventh-grade gym class, Ruth Garcia remembers a friend pointing out a black mole she had on her left knee. Ruth didn’t think much about it until two years ago, when she began to feel pain in her knee and noticed that the mole had grown and changed colors to… Read more »

  • Exposure to mild blast forces cause brain pathology and deficits
    Researchers show how even mild exposure to a single blast shock wave is able to induce small but potentially very meaningful pathogenic effects that accumulate with time. Read more »
  • Updated Concussion Treatment Recommendations for Children & Teens
    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated its concussion recommendations to support children and teens engaging in light physical activity and returning to school as they recover. The report, revised for the first time in eight years, also advises against complete removal of electronic devices following a concussion. Read more »

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  • Tips for First-Time Sports Dads...
    It's hard enough being a first-time father. But when these former dudes become sports dads, they're often confused about how to handle the youth sports scene. Listen to the audio to hear what Kreidman has to say about becoming a first time sports dad. Read more »
  • Sports Parenting When You're Divorced
    Sports parenting as divorced parents poses a number of challenges. For example, one parent may be excited about kids' involvement in sports. The other may have no interest. Listen to the audio to hear what Brunkow has to say. Read more »