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Concussion – Sport

  • Clint Frazier, Michael Kay and the Danger of Criticizing Injured Players
    Yankees play-by-play broadcaster, Michael Kay, called out a pair of injured players on his radio show earlier this week: Jacoby Ellsbury (hip) and Clint Frazier (concussion). Kay said his comments about Frazier and Ellsbury’s slow return from injury were facetious, but Frazier was not pleased. Frazier tweeted "Facetious or not,... Read more »
  • The Big Number: 2.5 million teens report having had a concussion in one year
    About 2.5 million teens, or 15 percent of U.S. high school students, say they sustained a concussion during a recent 12-month period while participating in sports or physical activity, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 1 million of those teen athletes reported two... Read more »
  • Frontal lobe paradox: where people have brain damage but don’t know it
    Humans have big brains and our frontal lobes, just behind the forehead, are particularly huge. Injuries to this part of the brain often happen after blows to the head or a stroke. Paradoxically, some people with frontal lobe injuries can seem unaffected – until they’ve been carefully evaluated. ... Read more »

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Youth Sports

  • Boy Born With Life-Threatening Condition Rises Up For a Brighter Future
    In 2009, during Laurina Barker’s 20-week ultrasound, she and her husband Ryan received news that no expecting parents want to hear. “The technician turned to me and said something looked different and that they would have my doctor call me,” said Barker. A couple of days later, the Barkers would... Read more »
  • Anesthesia Bag Art Lifts Spirits of Kids Undergoing Surgery
    When 4-year-old Sho Hansen entered the doors of Seattle Children’s Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center to get his tonsils removed, he clung on tightly to his mother. “After his name was called and we sat in the exam room, all he wanted to do was sit in my lap and... Read more »

  • Flucos get big win over AHS Baseball ... Read more »
  • WAHS Girls Tennis Just Keeps On Winning ... Read more »

  • Tips for First-Time Sports Dads...
    It's hard enough being a first-time father. But when these former dudes become sports dads, they're often confused about how to handle the youth sports scene. Listen to the audio to hear what Kreidman has to say about becoming a first time sports dad.... Read more »
  • Sports Parenting When You're Divorced
    Sports parenting as divorced parents poses a number of challenges. For example, one parent may be excited about kids' involvement in sports. The other may have no interest. Listen to the audio to hear what Brunkow has to say.... Read more »