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Videos for National Sports M.A.P.®

The below videos reflect NationalSportsMAP.com’s commitment to a vision of safety, athlete recovery and professionalism for the US sports and race community at-large. The scheduling of safety, emergency services, and athlete recovery services is important as pertains to youth and adult sports, race events, tournaments, games, practices,etc…

Because health care professionals are people and athletes too, they schedule their time to bring professional skills and supplies for sports / race medicine / massage team, providing necessary event function (universal safety mechanisms for both youth & adults alike, concussion oversight, race medicine, etc.) for teammates, participants and spectators alike. But as a team and with our collective support — they provide a community that can emphasize nutrition, education, community engagement as well as athlete recovery. Watch our videos to get an idea of how we work inside of sports and race organizations alike.

Remembering Matt 19 Years Later

On May 6, 1997, we lost a friend, Matthew Tennyson Wanke. Matthew was playing basketball in a church gymnasium. He went up to shoot a 3-pointer, landed on his feet and then fell backwards. There was no automated external defibrillator (AED) on church premise. At their youthful age, Matthew’s friends were not First Aid or CPR certified but they did call 911.Emergency services arrived around 10 minutes, and by then, it was too late.

Matthew’s sudden cardiac arrest is only one of thousands of SCA stories across the United States. Without oxygen to the brain, a patient is considered clinically dead after 10 minutes and the average ambulance response time is at least 10 minutes…So isn’t it fair to say that hiring qualified sports medicine practitioners and healthcare professionals is a reasonable request in order to make youth sport safer and save more lives?

Race Medicine, Massage, AED’s needed at all race events!

Have you ever wanted to have the best services for your athletes? Think it’s unaffordable? Think again. With our easy and affordable 3-step process, we’ll get a race medicine or race massage team locked down for your fundraiser walk or mad-dash mud scramble in no time. Check us out here!

Youth Athletes Need Sports Medicine

We’ve seen the “Win at ALL Costs | Go Hard or Go Home” culture develop over the years without any type of sports medicine oversight. But at some point, when getting tackled may cause a concussion, and said concussion creates brain damage in a child, we have to hold the planning committee of that organization responsible. If the sports league, sports commissions and planning committees alike do not have a budget in place for sourcing local health care professionals to provide sports medicine, what are they doing with all of those fees? If yours doesn’t have a sports medicine team, please let us know here and we’ll reach out on your behalf.